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Getting a mortgage or remortgage with poor credit or debt problems

We often get queries from introducers wanting us to help their clients arrange complex or difficult mortgages.

Help with difficult loan applications

Have a look at this – it may spark some ideas.

Unsecured loans | lowest rates for people with bad credit or arrears

Where else can a tenant or a homeowner with no equity, with adverse credit raise up to £100K at rates around 10%?

Up to £100,000 unsecured loans for purchase deposit

benefit from up to a £100,000 unsecured loan to use as a deposit

Equity release mortgages

It seems many avoid equity release mortgages as they are considered low income and high hassle.

New unsecured loan up to £10,000

Promise brokers now have access to unsecured loans from Everyday Loans.

Broker discount savings card

If I had seen this before I booked my family holiday I would have saved £283.

Release cash from pensions for business loans

Do you have clients who own Limited companies and wish to raise capital?

Guarantor Loans

Guarantor loans now available

Difficult loans or finance applications

Secured loan brokers constantly preach how a loan can provide a solution when a remortgage is declined.

Non Status Business Loans

Are you unable to raise finance for your business?

The lowest loan interest rate for at least 6 years

To start the year I am pleased to tell you we have a major product change

A new loan for borrowers in Scotland

Masthaven Secured Loans have extended their lending into Scotland today.

Helping your clients consolidate expensive short term credit

more people than ever will be thinking about debt consolidation

New BTL loans with low costs, low ERC’s & low affordability thresholds

The interest rate is 9.95% which is generally 1% lower than any other current products.

Debt consolidation loan experts

Promise can offer loans which allow you to consolidate your debts whilst raising extra cash for other purposes.

Adverse Credit Mortgages – Owner Occupied/Purchase/Remortgage etc.

We have some new products available through our complex mortgage team which may interest you.

BTL Adverse Credit Mortgages- Purchase/Remortgage/Capital Raising

We have further products available through our complex mortgage team which may interest you.

New secured loan accepts buy to let

We are now up to 16 secured lenders – That’s double what you get on other sourcing systems

Norton simplify loans for debt consolidation

Norton has changed the way they treat Debt Management and IVA plans

A new option for self-employed borrowers

HMRC are currently being swamped by requests from self-employed individuals for SA302s to support mortgage applications.

Unsecured arrears now ignored by Prestige

Unsecured arrears will now be ignored unless they are defaulted on all of Prestige’s Near-Prime second charge plans

Overview of BTL secured loans

I predict that this year is going to see a massive increase in BTL secured loans

New 90% LTV BTL Second Charge

Another useful product has hit the market which may prove useful to assist your clients in raising cash

BTL second charge loans reduced to 5.79%

If you deal with BTL landlords this could be a product you have been waiting for.

BTL second charges – missed opportunity?

The rise of buy-to-let continues apace, despite a challenging few weeks for the sector.

Fantastic New BTL mortgage – the most flexible yet

Another brilliant new product has come out today

Lender cuts residential mortgage rates

The cost of arranging complex mortgages has just dropped by up to 2.9%.

Beating the Stamp Duty Tax Changes

The bigger picture

Are you avoiding clients with adverse credit?

How many of your clients have adverse credit? If you’re a mortgage broker I’d wager a bet that very few do. Ask any master broker that serves the broker market and they’ll tell you adverse clients are few and far

New “Bridge to Term” for BTL and HMO refurb’s

If you have clients who buy and renovate BTL’s and HMO’s this new product should be very helpful.

New 10 Year Fixed Rate BTL mortgage product

Are your clients looking for longer term BTL mortgages?

BTL – Apply before the rules change

New PRA rules regarding affordability on BTL loans are set to come in at the start of 2017.

BTL flexibility won’t be around forever

The buy to let second charge sector has thrived in recent years, largely because of the great flexibility it enjoys.

New Criteria Improves Mortgage Affordability

This morning I am bringing you news of some updated mortgage criteria from one of our lenders that goes live today.

BTL – Rental cover at 115%

One of our lenders has announced some criteria changes with immediate effect.

Tax Changes for Landlords – Beware of the Traps

I don’t know if you have got to grips with the tax issues on investment properties yet?

Your landlord clients – get complimentary tax advice

Following my article last week here is a free service which may help reduce your risk and offer an additional benefit to your clients.

Are you finding BTL and HMO mortgages harder to place

Are you finding BTL and HMO mortgages harder to place – often due to tighter affordability criteria?

Directly Authorised Brokers

There are pros and cons to just about everything in life.

The problems with BTL’s

If your clients personally own BTL properties, life is going to get more difficult due to imminent rule changes.

Did you know properties without a bathroom/kitchen are still mortgageable?

Do you have clients who have run out of cash when doing a major refurbishment?

PRA? Don’t turn BTL business away

If you are wondering how you will deal with portfolio BTL’s after September, Promise can provide you with the information

PRA- What the future holds

With the arrival of the PRA rules on portfolio buy to lets more brokers are going to outsource the work to specialist packagers.

Buy To Let – More options

Just a reminder how I can help you with your BTL capital raising problems.

It’s a mortgage Jim but not as we know it

Here we are at the end of another year and while there are plenty of positives we can pick out from

Recruitment Crisis: Turning the corner on recruitment

Over the last few years the term “recruitment crisis” has been as prevalent as “regulation” and “another new housing minister”.

New low rates – flats above commercial, BTL, prime or adverse

Take a look at this new range of products which combines to give you some really great options.

Just announced – BTL’s – no consent

We just want to tell you about this new second charge product which has come out today.

More options for complex mortgages

We just want to remind you how we can help place your complex or poor credit mortgages

Complex mortgages – a common sense lender

I want to let you know about an exciting new First Mortgage lender recently added to our panel.

Buy to let update

BTL funding seems to be on the increase again – quite a lot of home improvements to increase the rental yield.

BTL loans post PRA

We are having a bit of a push on Buy to Let loans as we are seeing increasing success from this sector.

Complex BTL

Can we help you out with any BTL cases you are struggling with?

Placing unusual cases

To help you spot those quirky second charge opportunities here are a few recent scenarios which might help you.

Mortgage for DMP cases

Do you have clients in an active Debt Management Plan?

Help to Buy with adverse credit

We have this brilliant new help to buy mortgage product which is available from today.

Specialist mortgage rates reduced

Reduced rates for those quirky / complex purchases and remortgages – see below.

New mortgage lender

We have a new and very “nichey” mortgage lender for you.

Limited near prime mortgage – free valuations and no product fees

New Limited near prime mortgage – free valuations and no product fees. Have you seen the latest from Pepper?