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Invoice Finance

Invoice finance and factoring

This type of finance provides cash flow secured against the value of outstanding invoices.

This type of finance provides cash flow secured against the value of outstanding invoices. It takes two main forms

Firstly where the lender remains invisible and the business controls the credit collection process and, secondly, where the lender requires more control, the lender handles all credit collection and is therefore visible to the creditors.

The second option has the benefit of outsourcing the credit collection but some companies prefer their creditors not to know they have a factoring agreement in place. This type of facility can also give borrowers access to, or be used in conjunction with asset finance, stock finance and unsecured business loans.

The quality of creditors and size of the invoice book will determine the level of interest from lenders with a wide spectrum of choice from high street banks to specialist lenders.


Create an enquiry on your portal with a few standard details

This allows us and you to upload / download documents to the client file securely. Please upload as much as you have of the following – or email it to us if you are happy to do so GDPR compliantly.

  • Details of the asset book including the value and creditor names.
  • Details of any current factoring arrangement – including any known costs / charges
  • A copy of the last 2 to 3 years accounts as available
  • Directors / owners details plus their credit history or copy of a credit search
  • An asset, liability, income and expenditure statement (see below) for each director / owner
  • Last 3 months business bank statements

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