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Bridging and short term loans case studies

Here are some thoughts which may help you spot short term lending opportunities.

The ultimate fast bridging loan

If you need a very fast bridging loan there are unfortunately very few genuine options

Using bridging finance to help stay on top of credit & loan payments

Do you have clients who want a short term reduction in their credit outgoings?

Secured and Bridging loans online application

Its free, simple and easy to integrate. Here’s how it could work for you.

Short term loans bridging or a secured loan

We are regularly asked by our brokers for short term bridging.

Second charge bridging from 0.4% per month

If the above caught your attention it was intended to make a specific point – please read on.

Something to remember when you need bridging finance

Here’s something to remember next time you encounter a need for bridging finance.

Promise Bridging – Enquiry to completion 3 days

A broker who was arranging a BTL mortgage recently needed a faster solution but also wanted the best bridging loan rates

New “Bridge to Term” for BTL and HMO refurb’s

If you have clients who buy and renovate BTL’s and HMO’s this new product should be very helpful.

Bridging market improves in face of uncertain mortgage market

They say it is a brave man who makes predictions and there is plenty of evidence of even getting the “dead certs” badly wrong.

When you need the fastest possible bridging

When you need super fast bridging often solicitors and valuers can grind the process to a halt.

How to halve the cost of short term bridging

Do your clients ever ask for short term finance? If so, there is a fair chance that bridging will immediately spring to mind.

£1500 cash back on short term lending

Here is a cracking product fresh in today.

80% LTV bridging – Advance notice

We have a new product coming soon which beats anything else on the market for high LTV cases.

80% bridging – now live

We gave you advanced notice two weeks ago and we are now more comfortable to accept volume business.

Bridging – LTV’s to 80% – Rates from 0.43%

Here’s just a quick update on our popular short term products at the moment.

Bridging products brokers forget

We want to remind you about a couple of special bridging products.