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What affects my borrowing rate?

Some common factors that dictate your rate of borrowing.

Types of secured loans

Everything you really need to know about types of secured loans.

Typical uses of a secured loan

How people use secure loans to do and get the things they want.

The good and bad with secured loans

Getting the right advice is key to avoiding a bad situation.

What is a secured loan?

So what exactly is a secured loan, and how might it help me?

Here is where a large loan might help you

Why are Secured loans so big these days.

Getting a homeowner loan with Court judgements (CCJ’s) or defaults

Getting a homeowner loan with Court judgements (CCJ’s) or defaults

Personal homeowner loans for tax

It’s that time of year again – time to pay our tax.

Loans and Mortgages for Self Employed

One in six of UK workers are now self employed.

Flexible low interest secured loan overdraft

This may be the most flexible low interest secured loan ever

What is a Secured Loan?

A secured loan can allow you to borrow money while using your personal assets as security.

Types of Secured Loans

It’s important to have an understanding of some of the types of secured loans, and see which one might suit you best.