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Who are the main secured lenders in the UK?

There is not an easy answer to this question as the lenders available vary according to each borrower’s circumstances. This can include location, credit profile, employment type, property value and loan amount.

Promise uses the most powerful loan calculator available in the UK which takes these factors, and many more, into consideration to provide you with the lenders available in your area and to suit your specific requirements.

Firstly where your property is located will affect which lenders are available. More information is available on our website page secured loan uk and we can provide you with a list of lenders on request.

You will get the great choice of lenders, rates and criteria in England and Wales. The choice reduces in Scotland and reduces further in Northern Ireland. This is because the legal systems differ and some lenders have made the decision not to tackle the extra complexities. Your credit profile will also dictate the lenders available. If you tell us where your property is we can use our sourcing platform and loan calculator to give you accurate quotes whether you are looking for debt consolidation loans or secured loans for any other reason.

Due to the complexity of the market and constant changes, we recommend you talk to us about your particular requirements on 01902 585020 or complete the Get Fast Quote form on the right.

An adviser will then find a loan which is suitable to you.