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Secured Loans Tips & Ideas

4 ways second charges offer solutions – Affordability

When a mortgage is declined due to failing affordability checks, there are a number of ways second charges can offer a solution. […]

How secured loans can help with BTL capital raising?

In September 2017, the Prudential Regulation Authority changed the way BTL mortgages enquiries are underwritten, making it more difficult for BTL portfolio landlords to raise finance for capital raising. However there are some second charge loan solutions which may provide an alternative. […]

Secured Loans for business investment

Picture this scenario: A married couple are both currently employed. One applicant decides to start a new business so they jointly apply for a remortgage to raise the finance required. […]

What to do with a rejected remortgage application?

In some cases borrowers who have been rejected for a remortgage may benefit from “niche underwriting criteria” available from 2nd mortgage lenders. Some examples follow. […]

Promise Money better by over £40,000

In this case study we highlight an example of a Promise Money loan being lower than a competitor’s quote by over £40,000. […]

Raising finance on an unmortgageable property

The Daily Mail recently reported that homeowners in London borrowed on average almost £50,000 for home renovation. It’s true that homeowners in recent years have favoured improving their current home over moving to another property. However, it is becoming much more difficult to budget for these home improvements and often the money raised may not […]

Fixed rate mortgage customers – Borrowing more £’s

Fixed rate mortgages have been popular for several years now with many borrowers valuing the stability and certainty they offer. Customers wanting to raise more money should explore the merits of applying to their mortgage lender. However other options do exist and should also be considered as the deal available from the mortgage lender might […]

Contract / agency workers and probation

Contract workers technically are self employed but don’t have a business which does anything other than hires out their time. Moving from contract to contract means you don’t appear to have the stability that some second charge lenders like when in fact your income maybe more secure than an employed person simply because you can […]

BTL loans and tax advice

If you are a landlord you will probably know that recent legislation is making it more complicated for Buy to Let landlords to borrow, less tax efficient and more costly. Secured loans are often used for a deposit to buy another property or to refurbish one which is already owned. We have a wide range […]

Self employed 6 months?

Most mortgage lenders will want to see at least 2 years trading figures from self employed applicants. There are some which may accept 1 year but they are likely to charge a higher interest rate as this would be perceived to be a higher risk. 2nd mortgage lenders tend to be more accommodating and can […]