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Brits looking to return to UK – how we can help

We have seen an increase in enquiries recently from Brits living abroad who wish to return to the UK, or invest in the UK property market.{…}

BTL PRA – New rules are here

During September we made you aware of the introduction of new underwriting rules affecting BTL’s. These rules came into force 30 September 2017 so what has changed? […]

RTB – we have it covered

Last year, over 16,000 properties in England owned by a local council or housing association were sold through Right to Buy (RTB) scheme, according to government data.

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2017

The morning involves all of our staff baking (or ”fake-baking”) a full range of sinful delights and our bakers didn’t disappoint – from a gin and lemon sponge to a beautiful chocolate and strawberry cake baked by one of our new apprentices. We all certainly piled on the pounds to say the least! This combined […]

Borrowing beyond retirement – latest criteria

We regularly receive applications from those who have reached the end of their mortgage term with a balance outstanding but don’t want to sell their home. Here are some examples of how we helped them. Case Study #1: Our applicant was a 74 year old who didn’t want to sell his home but couldn’t afford […]

BTL PRA rules – The clock is ticking

For those who are still not aware, the clock is ticking on the introduction of new underwriting rules affecting BTL’s. The deadline is the 30th September 2017 so you only have a month remaining if you want to benefit from the current rules. […]

Quirky Expat Mortgages

The Promise Money team is well equipped to cope with loan applications from customers with a wide range of different financial needs. One such group we help is Expats in particular those who are living in Europe and wish to re-establish roots back in the UK following the Brexit referendum. […]

Case Study: Diving into mortgages

In this case study the Promise Money mortgages team were tasked to help a married couple who wished to purchase a residential property in the UK. The first applicant was a deep sea diver who worked on a contract basis for a company in Qatar. He was employed by his wife’s company and sub contracted […]

50 Shades of Mortgages – Part 2

In the second part of our 50 shades of mortgages series, the Promise Mortgages team needed to source a mortgage for a client to purchase a BTL who had no earned income. […]

50 shades of mortgages – Part 1

For the vast majority of customers considering a first charge mortgage or remortgage, one of the common difficulties they face is lenders’ increasingly stringent criteria requirements and how challenging it is becoming for certain types of customers to borrow. […]