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Why choose loans from Promise Money

We can offer:

  • Self-employed with up-to-date accounts
  • Hundreds of loan plans
  • Ideal for larger loans and lower repayments
  • Borrow to age 80
  • Capital & Repayment or Interest Only
  • Credit problems and arrears considered
  • All legal purposes including debt consolidation, home improvements, major (or not so major) purchases and business related.

All loans are secured and subject so status.

Why Promise?

When you apply to Promise, you are applying to one of the most trusted names in the loans industry. Promise Money is part of Promise Solutions Ltd. which is a leading provider of loans and specialist finance to mortgage advisers, independent financial advisers and their clients.

Promise is a “Master Broker” and not a lender. This means we can offer loans not routinely available through finance brokers. If you are a finance broker please use our intermediary website.

This is us:

  • Over 30 years experience arranging loans for people like you
  • Trusted by major mortgage networks and mortgage clubs to look after their clients
  • The widest specialist 2nd mortgage lender available in the UK
  • More choice so you get the rates you deserve or the loan you need when others would say no.
  • The latest and best technology to help us find the right loan for you. We built a system which is so good we even licence it to our competitors.
  • Expertise in loans, bridging and commercial finance. We always steer you in the right direction for you, not the right direction for us.

Why a second loan (mortgage)?

Secured loans are available only for homeowners and are ideal for borrowers who may have difficulty arranging finance with their bank and for whom a remortgage doesn’t make sense. We can arrange loans from £10,000 to £2.5 million at very competitive rates of interest.

We always aim to find you the cheapest or lowest rate loan for your circumstances. However we come in to our own when our clients need a little extra help. Having the widest panel of secured loan lenders on the market means we can usually help where others fail. Having people in the team who have been doing the job for 30 years also makes a big difference.

When you contact Promise we are on your side to help find the right solution for you. Even if you have bad credit, arrears or have difficulty proving your income we have products specifically designed to meet your needs.