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Small business loans, commercial loans and loans for Self Employed

If you are finding it difficult to find a small business loan, commercial loan or loans for self employed borrowers, we have created the perfect solution.

Release cash from pensions for business loans

Do you have clients who own Limited companies and wish to raise capital?

Business Loans & commercial finance case study

If you have clients who are self-employed/business owners and who find it difficult to raise cash, you may find this case study helpful.

Non Status Business Loans

Are you unable to raise finance for your business?

Commercial finance – talk to a specialist

Please feel free to talk to our experts if you need some help with commercial and development finance

Commercial remortgage with arrears solved by the high street

As a wise man once said, even the best laid plans can go wrong.

Commercial Finance – considering blended solutions

Commercial finance is often complex. Indeed, it can often take multiple properties and multiple lenders in order to arrive at a satisfactory solution.

Easy commercial loans for your clients

We received a lot of enquiries for this new service so here is a reminder.

Commercial Finance Options

Quite a few of our brokers have switched on to making easy money by spotting and referring commercial mortgage enquiries.

Helping you convert commercial enquiries

How many of your clients are self employed or business owners?

Financing B&B’s – projections and goodwill

Most commercial lenders tend to just look at the bricks and mortar value of B&B’s, hotels etc