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Sample template letter from brokers to clients

Sample letter from broker to clients – generate loans/debt solutions

Dear Client

I am writing to tell you about some important and valuable new services I am now offering.

You may have read in the news that over half the population is in already in serious debt, according to recent Bank of England figures which show consumers owe £58bn on credit cards and a further £157bn on unsecured loans and overdrafts. On top of this, shoppers could owe an extra £3.8 billion on their credit cards by the end of the January Sales according to the Daily Telegraph. It is, therefore, not surprising that the next three months are likely to see the highest demands ever for credit consolidation.

With this in mind, combined with a restricted re-mortgage market, I have broadened the products and services I offer to now include loans for capital raising, debt consolidation or even business purposes and property purchase.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from these services, or even just wants to have a chat about the options available, I would be grateful if you could point them in my direction. Should they ultimately conclude some business with me, I will be delighted to send you a bottle of champagne as a thank you for introducing a new client to me.

Also, don’t forget, now is a particularly important time to keep an eye on your own arrangements. If you would like me to conduct a review or help with any additional borrowing, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope to hear from you in the near future and helping you with your plans for 2014

Kind regards

ABC Mortgage Advisor/Financial Advisor

Note: We recommend you add your standard warning at the foot of the letter – “ Your home is at risk ….etc.”- an example is below. Also “ Consolidating debt over a longer period can significantly reduce your monthly payments but may increase the total cost of credit”