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Poor credit Buy to Let loans up to 80% LTV

17th September 2021

By Alex Walker

Poor credit Buy to Let loans up to 80% LTV

This poor credit loan is for both buy to let and residential borrowers and loans are available on a second charge basis this gives borrowers an option for credit repair or capital raising without losing the existing deal on their current mortgage.
Many property investors, and sometimes their brokers, overlook second charges as a potential solution. There are a number of secured loans for BTL investors offering prime rates and some great features such as flexible overdrafts.

This post deals mainly with Buy to Let loans where the borrower has a poor credit history 
There are a range of options available accepting varying degrees of poor credit including mortgage arrears, CCJ’s, defaults and IVA’s.
However, don’t assume because you have a low credit score that you have poor credit – some lenders don’t look at your credit score so you might get lower rates
These products are aimed at those with CCJ’s, mortgage arrears, defaults – even previous bankrupts. The loan to value available and rates of interest will be determined by the level of poor credit and its recency. These are a sample from one lender at the time of publishing
80% LTV poor credit loans are available for any amount of previous arrears, CCJ’s, defaults and payday loans subject to:

  • No CCJ’s or defaults registered in the last 3 months
  • No current arrears and none missed in the last 3 months
  • No payday loans in the last 3 months
  • Any Debt Management plan must be active for 12 months and well maintained
  • Minimum valuation £150K – (75% LTV available with minimum value of £100K)
  • A reasonable explanation to support no recurrence likely
  • Normal affordability checks for employed and self employed applicants
  • Please Note
  • Available on BTL’s and Residential
  • No credit score
  • Any amounts of adverse over 3 months old normally accepted
  • any unsecured arrears normally accepted
  • Rate is 9.65% variable for 80% with heavy previous adverse
  • Second charge only – max loan £45,000

75% LTV poor credit loans are available subject to additional terms:

  • A maximum of 2 months current mortgage arrears 
  • Annulment of bankruptcies allowed
  • no limit on CCJ’s, defaults and payday loans
  • max loan £100,000 – rates from 10.5% variable

70% LTV

  • Up to 6 months current arrears considered
  • max loan £75,000

This 80% LTV product can be used for credit repair or where funds are required at a high LTV but there is recent adverse. Bear in mind, however, the early repayment charges are 3 months interest in the first year reducing by 1 month each year. This needs to be considered if the plan is to credit repair and remortgage.

Always speak to a specialist to ensure the terms are fully understood 

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