Contract / agency workers and probation

Contract workers technically are self employed but don’t have a business which does anything other than hires out their time. Moving from contract to contract means you don’t appear to have the stability that some second charge lenders like when in fact your income maybe more secure than an employed person simply because you can easily move from one contract to another.

Similarly someone who has moved jobs and is on probation worries lenders in case the job doesn’t work out.

Where we can overcome this is by choosing the right lenders (because we know) and by presenting your application with as much stability as possible. For instance you may be in probation but you moved for promotion in the same line of work with no break in your employment. This is good. On the other hand, you may have been out of work for 6 months and just started a new job in a sector you have never worked in. This is more challenging.

Part of our job is to present you application in the best possible light to the lenders most likely to offer you the best deal. Talk to an adviser about your job history. They will be able to tell you what we are likely to be able to do right now plus what options might open up if you wait a month or two.