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HOMEOWNER LOAN – If you’re a homeowner you can use the equity you have in your home to help you sort out your finances, finance home improvements and deal with your debts. Click here to find out more. You may also be offered better unsecured rates because you own your own home.

SECURED LOAN – A secured loan is for homeowners who use their home as collateral against the loan they are taking out. It is therefore vital that you consider your options fully and budget your loan repayments properly. In order to discuss your situation more with Promise Money, Click here.

PERSONAL LOAN – A personal loan is one taken out by an individual, rather than a business. They are generally referred to as unsecured loans. The amount you can borrow and the time you are given to repay may differ from a secured loan. To discuss your options with Promise Money Click here.

If you are a home owner, Promise Money can help with our wide range of products, we’ll do our best to help find you the solution you need, whatever your financial situation or your credit history.

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