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Do you need a Mortgage Broker?

WATCH: We explain why you might need a Mortgage Broker.

Declined for a remortgage?

If you struggle to get a remortgage – Promise Money might be able help you find the right deal.

What affects my borrowing rate?

Some common factors that dictate your rate of borrowing.

How much can I borrow?

Find out what governs the amount that you can borrow.

Mortgage product variations

Explore the various repayment methods and features available with first mortgages.

Fixed rates mortgages with no early repayment charges

Have you heard about the new Flexible Fixed Mortgages Take a look and please share it.

Time for a better mortgage rate?

Is your fixed rate mortgage about to end? It’s time to shop around.

Great News for first time buyers

Great News for first time buyers

New homes development Wolverhampton

New homes in Wolverhampton in 2021

Right to Buy mortgage

What you need to know about Right to Buy mortgages

Live Work Mortgage

The “live/work” mortgage for those who live at their place of work.

No Deposit Mortgages

Getting a mortgage with no deposit

Help to Buy

Find out about the Help to Buy schemes available for you

Shared ownership mortgage

Get a shared ownership mortgage

Affordable housing programmes

Affordable housing schemes

90% LTV mortgage

The return of the 90% mortgage

New build homes

What you need to know about buying a New Build Home

Help to buy Wales

How can help to buy Scotland help you

Help to buy Scotland

How can help to buy Scotland help you

Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

A high loan-to-value mortgage available to first time buyers

Retirement Interest Only Mortgages

RIO mortgages could help you get finance later in life.

Equity Release

Release equity from your property later in life