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35 years Secured Loan “hands-on” experience arranging loans for people like you

Looking for a Secured Homeowner loan?

I can guess what you are thinking……

  • Why should apply on this particular website when there are so many?
  • Can I trust this website and the people behind it?
  • Do they have the best products and rates?
  • Will they do the best job for me – or just pass my details to another company?

I am Steve – the MD at Promise. Let me put your mind at ease

  • The Senior team at Promise Money has been arranging loans together for over 35 years
  • We deal directly with probably the largest panel of secured loan companies you will find.
  • We have in-house underwriters and advisers you can talk to – we don’t pass your details on.
  • If we can’t get the loan you want, I expect nobody can

What makes Promise different?

  • Other brokers pass their clients to Promise and brokers even use us for their own loans. If they can trust us with their clients, so can you.
  • When you apply, your application will be overseen by our secured lending director who has been arranging secured loans for over 35 years and is probably the most experienced packager of secured loans in the UK.
  • There are around 20 lenders in the secured loan market – the rates and costs are likely to be similar wherever you apply. Where we stand out is in pushing hard to get that loan which may be slightly cheaper than you qualify for – or not taking no for an answer – over overcoming problems to get you a cheaper, faster, better or easier loan.
  • Remember – when you apply to Promise for a secured homeowner loan, we will also look at the mortgage products available and possibly suitable to make sure you get the best of both options.

A recent comment from one of our brokers where we handled his own application

Comments from a grateful clients who particularly appreciated our level of care.
Rates are important but so is getting the right outcome

What about our rates and products – do they measure up?

Our lender panel is probably the largest you will find and we provide underwritten decisions in principle from the lender with no obligation from you to proceed.

  • Rates from 2.9% – you might see this advertised elsewhere but it’s very rare. Realistically rates start at around 3.5% – We offer the whole market so if you qualify we can offer it.
  • We have specialist lenders for the more complicated scenarios such as:
    • Self employed, contractors and agency workers
    • Mild credit problems all the way to very bad credit at up to 80% LTV
    • Property issues such as non standard construction, commercial element etc
    • Home Improvements
    • Debt consolidation loans to reduce your outgoings
    • High loan to value – borrow up to 110% of your property value.
    • Buy to let and commercial property
    • Flexible overdraft loans – only pay interest on the balance outstanding
  • We also arrange mortgages, bridging loans, commercial mortgages and development finance so what ever your needs we can look at the whole picture to find the best result for you.

You have my name so you know who to contact if ever there is a problem. I’m sure that won’t be necessary.

So hopefully you are happy to complete the online enquiry form and a member of the Promise team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for considering Promise Money

Steve Walker
Managing Director

P.S. Check out our help videos – scroll down

Reasons to consider a secured loan

  • Remortgage lenders won’t do want you need
    • Wouldn’t allow debt consolidation?
    • Perhaps they cant handle bad credit or complex income scenarios
    • Or perhaps they just said no
  • It could be that you don’t want to change your current mortgage
    • Maybe you are on a great rate
    • Maybe you have to pay a penalty
  • Or you can’t borrow as much as you want with a remortgage
    • It might be due to affordability
    • It could be due to the equity
    • Perhaps due to the type of income 
    • Or some other reason

Check out Secured loans – often easier than a remortgage

  • Borrow up to 110% of the residential property value
  • Complex income scenarios catered for
  • We can lend up to 6 X income (most mortgages cap at 4.5X)
  • BTL and owner occupied houses – different terms
  • Self employed considered after only 12 months trading
  • Lenders can consider both light and heavy adverse credit history
  • Unusual property constructions accepted – including defective
  • Loans for business purposes.
  • Flexible overdraft type loans – great for property investors
  • Some lenders don’t require consent from the first mortgagee
  • Clients with payday loans, debt management and IVA’s considered

As well as secured loans don’t forget we have in house experts and both mainstream and specialist lenders for residential / buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages, bridging and development finance.


Your bank may have 100’s of products
and plans to offer
Promise Money has over 10,000

There really is no need to look elsewhere.

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Mortgages and Remortgages

Representative example

£80,000 over 240 months at an APRC OF 4.3% and a discounted variable annual interest rate for two years of 2.12% at £408.99 per month followed by 36 payments of £475.59 and 180 payments of £509.44. The total charge for credit is £39,873 which includes a £995 broker / processing fee and £125 application fee. Total repayable £119,873.

Secured / Second Charge Loans

Representative example

£63,000 over 228 months at an APRC OF 6.1% and an annual interest rate of 5.39% (Fixed for five years – variable thereafter) would be £463.09 per month, total charge for credit is £42,584.52 which includes a £2,690 broker / processing fee. Total repayable £105,584.52.



If you have been introduced to Promise Money by a third party / affiliate, Promise may pay them a share of any fees or commission it earns. Written terms available on request. Loans are subject to affordability status and available to UK residents aged 18 or over.